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Aitkin County Abstract Company provides closing services for every type of real property including: raw land, residential, commercial and new construction, and all transaction types including: cash, contract for deed, exchanges, leaseholds, new construction, mortgage refinancing, etc.

Our knowledgeable closers will guide you through every step of the closing process to provide you with a seamless experience, including, but not limited to, the following:

-Review title commitment information.

-Coordinate clearing of title problems, if any.

-Order payoff information for existing liens.

-Prepare settlement statement showing disposition of all funds.

-Prepare closing documents.

-Receive and review lender's closing instructions and documents.

-Schedule closing, and communicating with all parties of date, time and place.

-Conduct the closing of the new mortgage transaction for the lender (if applicable).

-Conduct the closing with both buyers and sellers if the transaction is a cash, assumption or contract for deed transaction.

-Disburse all funds, including funds in escrow, subsequent to closing.

-Assure all applicable documents are recorded with county recorders office.

Closing Checklist

The following items will need to be provided at closing. If you have any questions, please contact our closing department.



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