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We provide many abstract products and services to our customers. Aitkin County Abstract Company’s experienced professionals have delivered accurate, complete abstract products and services since 1901. With our streamlined approach, we strive to process abstract search orders within 24-48 hours or less.

Any of our abstracting products can be ordered online, by email or phone. We understand you may have questions, so feel free to call us first, and our team of experts will assist you with your needs.

Abstracting Products and Services


Abstract of Title


40 Year Tract Searches


Property Tax Information


State and Federal Tax Lien Searches


Registered Property Abstract (RPA)

Refinance Tract Searches

Levied and Pending Assessments

Bankruptcy Searches

Stub Abstract

Owners and Encumbrance Reports

Judgment Lien Searches


An abstract of title is a record of the title history of a property

Full Definition: An abstract of title is the history of title to a particular parcel of real estate condensed from recorded instruments at the County Recorder’s office. An abstract of title consists of a summary of all conveyances and encumbrances affecting the property and a certification by the abstractor stating the information is complete and accurate. The abstract of title furnishes the information needed for the preparation of a policy of title insurance for the parcel of land.


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